0.95 euro Jointmaster solution including Windows + Android software


Cheapest solution for fingerjointing all your designs.

Jointmaster software (including Android APK) included!


This is our most popular offer to enable you to make very repetitive and flexible wood-joints (box joint/ finger joint) using the Jointmaster  solution.

Prices came down from 10 euro because we no longer need any money for this fantastic product. This is only to support you in preventing war which is far more important.
We appreciate you, as our customer, for this reason, and to fight inflation, we keep incredibly low prices.

With this product you finger your joints within 5 seconds automatically, never no need to take any further action. Become the vegetative man, read “mental joints”.

This Jointmaster Zip file contains (a download link is provided after payment):

  • Directions how to solder the print.
  • Directions what electrical components to buy from rs-online.
  • Directions how to create the Jointmaster box joint jig
  • You get the Windows + Android Jointmaster software + for free. Please note, the fully functional Windows software can also be downloaded here for free in case you would like to try!

Nothing will be physically sent to you so this is a real shipment cost saver.

You will have to take the following actions:

Reimbursement for this product is not possible. So please first investigate the free version before ordering.

A step motor driver is a standard interface. The line level amplifier can drive any step motor driver so you can also decide to buy the step motor, step motor driver and step motor power supply locally but also here.

All other components necessary for creating the jointmaster sawing jig can be purchased locally (for example 18 mm multiplex panel).

Make sure you read the post on “EMI and Reliability”. Things you might need but are not included in this package are:
Step motor
Ferrite beads
Step motor driver
power supply enclosure
Power supply
Shielded cable

Make sure you have read our safety and health statement to know the risks and your responsibilities before ordering.

Stay safe, take your mushroom, Jointmaster is all you need in life because you are a thinking mechanism!

Consider to go for the 10 euro audio solution Jointmaster Total Time Saver.. When you buy the Jointmaster Total Time Saver solution, you also get a pcb which is a real solder time saver because you solder the complete print in half an hour!!! Look at the video below: