Can we prevent war ?


War is probably the most stupid action we can imagine. For some reason loads of people still conform to it. why ?

Can we prevent war ?

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Can we prevent war ?

Why is so little money available to prevent war while there is an enormous amount of money available for war ?

Can you spend 2 minutes (time is thought is money) to read this complete article ?

The causes of war are hidden in the human psyche. For this reason one first has to answer a few more questions. These answers are needed to understand the answers given to the questions above:

A) What does identification mean ?

B) Why does the identification process lead to conflict/ war ?

C) Why do you have to identify ?

D) Why do they/ you want (you) to be proud ? What does exactly happen when you are proud ?

E) Why do you identify with the powerful ?

F) Why can you trust your leaders ?

G) What does the future of mankind look like ?

Questions for further thinking:

Will we/ the powerful unleash the AI-enabled robots on the battlefields ?

Will we teach the identification process at our schools ?

Is human counsciousness looking for drama ?

What is a leader anyway ? Most leaders are godlike Golems operating the Institutions/ companies/ countries. They reduce human beings into objects to fit the leader's ideas what is good/ morally justified. Objects can be used for war. A world made of objects is the past. All this can be read in Martin Buber's thou and I for free. A good leader is freezing human being counsciousness into objects, making them fit the leader's population ideal of good, hardworking, leader law abiding, leader worshipping objects ?

Do we have to get rid of our leaders using a continuous, process like set of ideas to prevent war ?

Who is behind our leaders ? Are leaders part of a network of useful idiots to manage a set of objects (the population) paid by more powerful hidden leaders ? Are leaders, for this reason, just some causal victims ?

Is it smart counsciousness that dies for some leader ideas or is it a purging process for objectified counsciousness/ causal necessity ?

etc. etc.

All these questions are the chattering of thought. The only way to prevent war is total change (a transformation) of human kind.

Are you the problem/ what is a problem ?

To understand Krishnamurti, you might consider to contribute and take action without will/ a motive.

And thought can ask, why change at all ? Then you look here, you only have to observe in order to have total order and after some time, which is now, when the world observes, the human psyche is transformed , there is no more war/ conflict because every form of identification is critically monitored by everybody.

Note that there are also western philosophers that repeat the Eastern wisdom (without giving credit........) like Dennet in Consciousness Explained. In his book you can find his fully automated zombies, without free will or introspective, always happy to, automatically follow the leader, marching to war, with their limited belief systems, anchored in conditioned minds.

War is caused by the function that people perform the best. To identify with groups of people. The identification process of the conditioned mind, following the ambitious leader, leads to conflict. Only a radical transformation of the human psyche can prevent war. Spend some time with your purchase to be part of this transformation process.

We have some archived posts, that will be send to you when  you support us, that contain the answer to these questions. Notice the art of asking questions instead of being judgy about the subject ! Learn to continually ask questions yourself.

Note that this investment is a waste of money when you are transformed because Krisnamurti explains perfectly here. However, you will probably not understand Krishnamurti and that makes your contribution a necessity to prevent war.

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