Can we prevent war ?


War is probably the most stupid action we can imagine. For some reason loads of people still conform to it. why ?
Can we prevent war ?


Can we prevent war ?

We have some archived posts that contain
the answer to the question

whether you/ we/ your leader will be able to prevent war ?

The posts first try to answer a few more questions. These answers are needed to understand the answer given, by the posts, to the question above:

A) Why can you trust your leaders ?

B) Why do they/ you want (you) to be proud ? What does exactly happen when you are proud ?

C) What does the future of mankind look like ?

D) Why do you identify with the powerful ?

E) What does identification mean ?

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Questions for further thinking:

Why is so little money available to prevent war ?

When will we/ the powerful unleash the AI-enabled robots on the battlefields ?