Non-wood joints, ego and consciousness

Looking for (non-wood) Joints, Mushrooms etc. ? We made this mental blog to help you:

- Understand why you need mushrooms, J O I N T S etc.
- Increase counsciousness and boost your ego
- Resolve your ego and become without boundaries
- Monitor internal conflict
- Create your own empowering beliefs
- Overcome your fears

We start this mental trip with the final thoughts in mind: You (the idea you call "I") is a thought pattern like any other thought in your mind.
Take a look at the pictures here for a graphical representation

Your thought patterns are always reactive because they are based upon the past. For example, if the idea of yourself experienced good results selling (wood) joints, you will continue doing so.
On the other hand, if the idea of yourself experienced the past as awful, or you are fearful that the idea of yourself is no good then your thoughts/ideas can be nasty/ judgemental towards the idea of yourself. In the current moment most animals/ human beings/ golems cannot have any original thoughts because of this reactivity. Thus stop thinking 😉

If you are aware, you can observe all your thoughts  from a third person standpoint. Thus, you proved yourself that you are more than the idea you called "I".  There is no difference between any of your thoughts because they are all only thoughts. For example, the thought of the way to your house is the same as the thought you called "I".

For this reason you are the world, the super Golem. The final thoughts are difficult to understand. Thus we take it slowly. You might start with the video below...........

Choose your belief system carefully because your behaviour is determined by your belief :

- The world as will and Idea, Schopenhauer
- The psychology of CG Jung, easy to read book from C.G. Jung apprentice, Dr Jolan Jacobi
- Carl Gustav Jung, Man and his Symbols
- Anthony Robbins
- PathWork, Eva Pierrakos
- Alan Watts : "The only kind of control you do understand is the one over which you do not have control."
- How Do We Break The Habit Of Excessive Thinking, Edgar Tolle
- Sadhguru: "I'm stoned in such a way that I haven't lost my judgement at all. And at the same time, whichever way you judge me, has absolutely no impact on me because I'm completely stoned."
- Sadhguru: "You are the universe"
- Prevent conflicts, Edgar Tolle
- Listen to this Alan Watts must listen
- Be here now network beliefs

Boost your ego/ follow the leader if that is your true nature, follow these rules for maximum power
Finally, have faith, let go of all fear (picture below, the idea of yourself hunted by your own thoughts), Because the thought is hunting you, it seems difficult to let it fly away.
What is the substance of fear, Krishnamurti

Guru Golgull hunted by thought

Krishanmurti might be the way, (called Gnana Marga), read the books for instance here:
Authentic Report of Sixteen talks, oak grove, ojai
Krishnamurti foundation

Please note that the model of yourself also determines the model you have of others/ the world. Read The anatomy of peace from the arbinger institute
For this reason, stop judging yourself or others, read Change your questions change your life

Check out if you are still judging (or learn from Krishnamurti to ask questions about every word).
Why you desire ?

Now that we got you going, you are ready to meet our master friend from 1845 who explained it all. Power was transferred from people and religion to the state to advantage the "bourgeoisie". The will of the "bourgeoisie/ globalists/ spook" is not necessarily your "spooky" will, or is it because we/you are all it ? Max Stirner will take you some time but is worth all effort. Read Ego and his own from Max Stirner, meet his spooks, they do exist ?
Now the spooks from Max have become part of you, the Super Golem, which you know you are !

You have to play by the rules from the state/ the company in order to be nourished/ be succesful. The rules inside your head determine how you feel about it. Thus, including your head rules, there are many rules.
If the spook (read Max Stirner) does not feel good, could it be that his internal rule set, the so called belief system, is too big/ contains (uncounscious ?) ballast from the past ? Does the spook need mushrooms/ marihuana to feel good when it obstructs his own rule set or the rule set of the company/ state ?

The golem is nothing but thoughts

In the East they have kind of the same processes. Watch this documentary that shows the differences between TAO and confucianism

The ego is a thought pattern based on fear and old behaviour. Change this old behaviour/ inner dialogue using awareness from Krishnamurti, one of the most famous Indian Guru's

Krishnamurti once more, explaining your are a causal chain of reactions

You are newer guilty of emotional explosions. C.G.Jung calls these facts "complexes completely overpowering your counsciousness". Now way you can hold back. At the core of the emotional explosion there is always some causal archetype working.
e.g. your father, images from the past
Anyway, you knew that you are never guilty because you learned already that the idea of yourself is a causal chain of reactions/ thoughts.

Now to close the loop started by Schopenhauer (see above), what happened to will ? There is a certain desire in nature that, at maximum strength, we value in some powerfull golems as will. And we also remember that desire is the memory of pleasure. Thus, for fun, nature likes to focus desire, at maximum strength, in simple wired golems (uncounscious, simple wiring like in seagulls, rats etc.). All this is nicely explained by Krishnamurti here. After that, you know, and probably will not understand, that the pursuit of pleasure is the movement of thought, which is time.

WARNING 001: A limiting belief can be the belief in causality like some (or most that know the word ?) golems do. If everything is causal, you have no free will and thus cannot be guilty. Thus, for example, criminals cannot help that they acted like they did, they are simply victims from their past experience. Also you can calculate the complete universe when the universe is completely causal. Because we all are victims from the past, there is no more need for judging each other, the other Golem cannot help that he behaves like he does. Nowadays, luckily, we have quantummechanics where you have instantaneous change over infinite distance. Maybe you are the illusion and thus you/ we can instantenously change if the uncounscious parts of yourself change your belief system. And thus/ now you can watch out for badly wired Seagulls with causal wiring !

WARNING 002: Stop identifying yourself with powerfull Golems/ Seagulls/ Belief Systems or other spooks. This leads to conflicts and war. Thus one can also ask the question, is it possible to prevent war ?

WARNING 003: Mushrooms are powerful stuff, can lead to panic attacks and psychosis. Do not take them when you are alone. The uncounscious aim is probably ego dissolution.

TIP 001: Many of you golems belief in the religion of "efficiency" and thus show ant-like frantic behaviour. Might be an idea to take a mushroom, relax and reconsider.

TIP 002: Stop thinking, thinking is a thing from the past. Desire is the quintessence of will.

The idea of yourself hunted by your own thought.

thought hunting the idea of yourself.