10 Euro Jointmaster total timesaver solution


Best choice to start jointing right away. Build and maintain your own Jointmaster !!!
Cut very precise finger joint connections using a standard table saw or mill.
Become CAD/ CAM experienced and grow to 3D levels.


Buying the Jointmaster solution enables you to cut very precise finger joint connections using a standard table saw or mill. You get the PCB to save your soldering time !!!!
Prices are continuously going up due to inflation, be fast and curious !

You probably need mental support to fully understand. Take a look at “mental joints”

This Jointmaster total time saver solution contains:

  • The Jointmaster line amplifier PCB(Printed Circuit Board). Will be shipped to you.
  • Directions how to solder the PCB (a download link is provided after payment)
  • Directions how to create the Jointmaster sawing jig (a download link is provided after payment)
  • You get the Jointmaster Windows + Android software for free.
  • Directions what electrical components to buy from RS-online.

If you want to start jointing right away than this might be your best choice! The kit is sent to you by mail so shipment costs are low.

You will have to take the following actions:

In this video you can see that it will take around half an hour of soldering:

Make sure you read the post on “EMI and Reliability”.  Things you might need but are not included in this package are:

Step motor
Ferrite beads
Step motor driver
power supply enclosure
Power supply
Shielded cable


Please note, a step motor driver is a standard interface. The line level amplifier can drive any step motor driver so you can also decide to buy this locally.

All other components necessary for creating the jointmaster finger joint jig can be purchased lokally (for example 18 mm multiplex panel).

Make sure you have read our safety and health statement to know the risks and your responsibilities before ordering.