Totally free Jointmaster audio


Totally free Jointmaster version


This download contains the fully functional Jointmaster windows version + the Jointmaster line amplifier technical manual in .pdf format.

When you press the download button, you can save a .zip file containing a 32 bits and 64 bits Windows executable.

The Jointmaster line amplifier technical manual gives sufficient technical information to solder your own amplifier.

Add  ear-buds to listen to the step motor chirps.

PLEASE NOTE when playing on a mobile phone speaker you will probably not hear anything because the stereo channels cancel out. You will have to use the ear-buds.

Save time and money by ordering the component list + Jointmaster jig building schemes here.

To save time and frustration, buy a Printed Circuit Board + components here.

If you really want to learn (pain is weakness leaving your body) consider our 0.5 euro solution.