Create wood joints using Jointmaster

Linux CNC powered solution (Introduction)


In this post we will look into SplineTooth + Linux CNC to create tight fit wood joints.

The following components are necessary to do this yourself (Note that we have another post here on the grounding and EMC/ EMI concept)

Why  do you need these components ? That is what we will look into now:

  • The Linux CNC program is Linux realtime program that runs on any computer with Linux CNC realtime operating System. Can be downloaded for free.
  • All movement is generated via the Linux CNC PCB.
  • The step motor power supply supplies 60 Volts power to the step motor driver.
  • The step motor driver controls the step motor.  This is a standard component that can be bought all over the world and also on this site here
  • The step motor + trapezium spindle converts the electrical signals into very precise movement (one step motor step results in 1/ 50000 mm movement). This is also a standard component that can be bought all over the world. For the Jointmaster box joint jig you need this one.
  • The step motor encoder measures the number of steps actually taken.

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