Linux CNC powered solution (Introduction)


In this post we will look into SplineTooth + Linux CNC to create tight fit wood joints.

The Jointmaster initiative is a Goodlife spin-off. On you can find a lot of pictures and examples what is possible using SplineTooth + Linux CNC).


The following components are necessary to do this yourself (Note that we have another post here on the grounding and EMC/ EMI concept)


Why  do you need these components ? That is what we will look into now:

  • The Linux CNC program is Linux realtime program that runs on any computer with Linux CNC realtime operating System. Can be downloaded for free.
  • All movement is generated via the Linux CNC PCB.
  • The step motor power supply supplies 60 Volts power to the step motor driver.
  • The step motor driver controls the step motor.  This is a standard component that can be bought all over the world and also on this site here
  • The step motor + trapezium spindle converts the electrical signals into very precise movement (one step motor step results in 1/ 50000 mm movement). This is also a standard component that can be bought all over the world. For the Jointmaster box joint jig you need this one.
  • The step motor encoder measures the number of steps actually taken.


Once you got Linux CNC up and running, you can use SPLINETOOTH to generate the so called Gcode for fingerjointing or dynamic milling.


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