Jointmaster audio solution (Introduction)

Dear Golem,

In this post we will look into the Joinmaster audio solution to create tight fit wood joints. In future posts we will compare the Jointmaster solution to other methods to create finger/ box or bridle joints.

The Jointmaster initiative is a Goodlife spin-off. On you can find a lot of pictures and examples what is possible using wood-joints.

The following components are necessary to do this yourself:

Why  do you need these components ? That is what we will look into now:

  • The Jointmaster program is Windows/ Android program that runs on any computer with Windows/ Android Operating System. Jointmaster is the brain behind the complete solution. Jointmaster can be downloaded here for free and contains the fully functional Windows executables.
  • All movement is generated via the computer sound card/ mobile phone stereo jack. The line level amplifier, enable + direction control component is needed to amplify the audio signal from the computer to the voltage level needed by the step motor driver.
  • The optional safety switch prevents movement by means of a wire to the line level amplifier component. Make sure you read our safety and health post to understand the risks before soldering.
  • The step motor power supply supplies 36 Volts power (at least 3 A) to the step motor driver. This is a standard component that can be bought all over the world and also on this site here.
  • The step motor driver controls the step motor.  This is a standard component that can be bought all over the world and also here.
  • The step motor + trapezium spindle converts the electrical signals into very precise movement (one step motor step results in 1/ 50000 mm movement). This is also a standard component that can be bought all over the world/ be taken from an old printer.

Jointmaster audio offers several product options in the shop to keep prices within budget:

  • Jointmaster 500 euro total time saver solution: Easy and fast. You integrate all components yourself according to the kit directions/ your own application.  Jointmaster software + two licenses for free. Note that you can also use the total time saver solution if you already have a step motor + step motor driver + power supply.
  • Jointmaster 0.5 euro kit. You save a lot of shipment, building and maintenance costs. You are the integrator and thus you can maintain it yourself.

Now you can start jointing your own goof chair today !

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