Get ready for 3D milling, install blender + blender cam

Dear Golem,

We use Linux CNC for 3D milling. Linux CNC is using so-called Gcode to drive the machine. GCode can be generated from blender using a plugin called blender CAM.

Blender CAM is running inside blender. Blender is open source 3D modelling software. Thus you will have to master Blender and Blender CAM. Setting up blender CAM inside blender using Windows 10 proved to be a challenge. So for this reason we made the  video below.

Make sure you install the latest source code from github for Blender CAM. The standard plugin source code runs to full depth at once and will break your mill !

Our main focus is finger joints. Takes too much time to draw your finger joints in Blender. You could also take a look at this post to use SplineTooth + Linux CNC for box joints, finger joints + dynamic milling/ turning

Note that the complete learning cycle to master 3D milling is long and complex. We are still learning…….

  • build your own milling machine ?
  • learn Linux CNC
  • learn GCode
  • learn CAMOTICS (to simulate Gcode, prevent your mill from jamming)
  • learn Blender
  • learn Blender CAM

All this stuff is far too complex. Thus if you want to finger joint, learn basic CNC/ CAM skills and honor the KISS principle, start with Jointmaster or become a Jointmaster.

In the past we had a too complex GCode processing product, total nonsense for real golems, take a look below for some inspiration.

The machine is now running on Linux CNC using SplineTooth.

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