Guru golgull hunted by thoughtful golem


Oil Painting: “Guru golgull hunted by thoughtful golem”

The Idea of yourself (which is thought), is hunted/ judged by other aspects of yourself (which is thought), proving that you are more than the idea of yourself (which is a thought).


We are all hunted by thought. Chitta Vritti in the Chitta. Most golems are thoughtful anyway.

This oil painting, Guru golgull hunted by thoughtful golem, (real oil paint, not a print or something) marks the end of a period (10-15 years………..) filled with thought.
Dimensions: 35×35 cm
Painted by guru GolGull.

This painting has been sold to Prof. Dr. S.U. Pergolem. If you can pay the price, contact us, we will contact him to find out if there are possibilities.

Note that all this is important. Another important question is: Can we prevent war ?