How to handle fear

In these fearful times it seems easy to give your power away to some politician/ leader who will take measures for you/ mobilise your fear. Really powerful politicians/ leaders always have huge emotional problems leading to conflict and war. Are those politicians/ leaders powerfull Seagulls working for themselves? Is it possible to take power yourself or have uncounsciousness work for you?

Decide to live by your own rules, change the world or not, leave the hierarchy behind or give maximum support to the hierarchy ?

We like to share with you all possible methodologies how to do this. Together we dive deep into human unconsciousness using words and video to capture reality. Thus we always fall short but nevertheless it might help you.
One more trivial remark before you press the "Learn how to handle fear" button below. Maybe you will understand once you are in power and remember the remark:

Power is distributed uneven over the planet. People with a lot of power will probably benefit from the crisis measures for several reasons:
- They mostly stay in regions with a lot of rules.
- Hide their spooks in regions with little or advantageous rules
- They or their spooks bend the rules to their advantage.
- They are well informed and have powerfull friends.

Beside that, do they hide behind their spooks (read Max Stirner, ego and his own, a company is a spook) to gain more power without being taxed ?  Do we have to shake the spooks once more to help us through a crisis ?  If we do not shake the spooks, will the spooks come out stronger from the crisis ?

Are you afraid of Spooks, powerful Golems or badly wired Seagulls  ? Create your own spooks instead ?

These spooks include but are not limited to:
- Hedge funds
- Privately owned mass media: news papers, face book etc.
- Financial markets
- Company/ Holding structures
- ECB/ FED advantaged institutions like wallstreet

Fear is a thought pattern projecting yourself in the future. You are not present /not aware. It might never happen and you can think of better futures. Take a look at these pictures for a graphical representation of the idea of yourself and Listen to mr Tolle

Or, the easiest solution, take your mushroom and follow your friend OSHO to watch your thinking mechanism. For example, Mr. Putin is thinking about a bigger Russia, which leads to war. If he would ever read this, then he would realise that it is only a thought from a wild mechanism that does not require action. For this reason have trust in Mr. Putin reading this, he is just a fearful idea in our mechanisms.