SplineTooth, Dynamic turning + box/ finger jointing on any CNC machine.


SplineTooth generates G-Code for turning and milling. SplineTooth enables you to cut finger and box joints on any CNC machine.


SplineTooth is used to:
– Create box/ finger joints on your 3-axis wood milling machine
– Turn your 3-axis wood milling machine into a turning/ milling device.

Before going all the way with 3D CAD CAM, LinuxCNC etc. it might be an idea to start with one axis to gain some experience: Consider to go for the 10 euro audio solution Jointmaster Total Time Saver.

SplineTooth outputs G-code that can be read into LinuxCNC, mach3 or any other G-code processor. You can try SplineTooth for free here.

Read this blog for more information (including video).

SplineTooth also outputs the cutting plans to build-up a big turning project in multiplex.